About Us

Ultimate Guide Media Company has expanded its business to Germany. With titles that have proven, despite the current economic situation in other countries ( UK, Australia, South Africa and  parts of North and South America) to be extremely successful. The success is due to the high quality of magazines and the high content value that our title offers our enthusiastic but increasingly more demanding readers.

Each title is stimulating, independent and was written by the best and most dedicated journalists. We develop high-quality and intelligent magazines that continuously exceed the possibilities and expectations of our readers.

The unique character of these magazines is that they were designed to compete with well-established magazine titles. This is possible as each of our titles brings together in one magazine a minimum of about four to six months of comparable content of other editorial products (at least 45% more content and pages than similar competitors’ products).

This way we can engage the attention and interest of the reader longer and provide a higher value for money. Our topics captivate our readers – from beginners to professionals. This means that our brand is increasing in popularity, the buyers and the readers are drawn to the magazine.

The magazines have been written by some of the most passionate and experienced editors in the industry. They provide the most sought after tips and expert advice, as they know exactly what the readers really want.

Each magazine is composed of a dynamic mixture of detailed editorials, tutorials and helpful advice. In short – everything you would expect from a professional magazine. This, however, in a format that offers more content than other competing titles . All this in a much more challenging issue, with a higher production value, similar to that of a book .