MEN’S FITNESSS is for men who want to get more out of their lives. It celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle and recognises that every man carries the key to living more successfully, enjoyably and completely. MEN’S FITNESS knows that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men entertainment, information and inspiration.

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Digitale Fotografie

If you’ve recently started using a digital SLR or compact System Camera, you have taken a major step towards shooting better pictures. While these cameras are relatively easy to use for ‘snapshot’ photography, getting the very best from your kit and developing the creative side of your photography, requires some time and dedication to learning new techniques and skills.

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If you want to shift the pounds in a short space of time, you need to give it a one-two punch. The first is a healthy eating plan. The second jab is a specific training schedule. Going to the gym and just doing ‘whatever’ won’t cut it in this case – you need a structured attack to guarantee great results. But that doesn’t mean dropping a dress size can’t be fun. We’ve mapped out a healthy, achievable and – most importantly – tasty eating plan for 28 days and a structured training plan that will give you direction and motivation.

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Baking HEAVEN is a series of exciting new food magazines which are designed to cater for all your baking and cake decorating needs. The first title in the series is the hugely popular Cupcake HEAVEN magazine which features 101 delicious and inventive cupcake recipes in each issue, plus advice on new skills and techniques.

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A chic, contemporary publication specialising in yoga, wellbeing and natural living. Each issue is packed with celebrity interviews, natural beauty, fashion, travel, food and the best of yoga and fitness.

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